Virtual workout 3 — get dancing!

Welcome to DFC Digital — a collection of dance fit videos for you to try at home while you can’t make your regular dance fit or Zumba class because you are self-isolating or social distancing.

We’ve put this together while social distancing, so, you’ll notice a wide range of filming locations! You may also notice a bit of volume variation so might want to be ready to go louder or quieter to suit.

Please listen to your body and work at your own level. Drink plenty of water and wear suitable clothing and footwear. Finally, please do the tracks in the order shared here. That way you will warmup, build up and cool down in the right places 🙂

Finally, as you’ll also see, Jess is quite heavily pregnant, so will often revert to a low impact option once she has shown you the high impact move — so you are free to work at whichever level suits you best!

PS We’d LOVE to see photos of you and yours rocking out at home — feel free to post your pics and comments to our Facebook page!

Warmup – Who Rule the World? (Do this first!)

Make sure you warm up before you do any of the other tracks! Start low and slow and then build gradually.

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing

A finger pointing, hip-twizzling disco track.

Don’t Leave Me This Way

A singalong 80s classic. This track includes a few squats. Make sure your bottom pushes back and down for these, to take any pressure away from your knees. Add the arms as soon as you’re ready.

Higher Love

This is a great tune to sing along to! If you know the words, sing it with me! 🎶

Gold Dust

We are going to get that heart racing with this one. Don’t forgot, take it down to half jacks if need be.

Pam Pam

Start off with getting those heels to your butt. And I want to hear you shout “whoop” as loud as you can when my hand goes to my ear!

South of the Border

Ohhhh we all love a bit of Ed. Sexy salsa hips at the ready. Remember, keep those knees soft to really emphasise those hips.

Move Your Feet

Everybody move your feet and feel united… couldn’t have put it better! Take up the impact if you want to increase the intensity and stay facing forwards if you’d rather not do the full turn.

Let’s Get LOUD

Time to turn the music up and remind the neighbours you’re still there for them.  Lots of salsa hip action and mambos in this feel good J Lo flashback.

Cooldown: Before You Go and Thunder — Do this last!

And, relax! Your workout is done 🙂

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