Virtual workout 3 — get dancing!

Warmup: Yeah 3x (Do this first!)

Make sure you warm up before you do any of the other tracks! Start low and slow and then build gradually.


Shake your head back and get your heart pumping to this Lulu classic

Don’t Stop Me Now

Lots of energy needed for this classic Queen track! Remember knees over toes, bottom tucked in for the plie’ squats, and take the high or lower option on the bicep curls.

I Don’t Care

Vidir Mi Vida

Tip Toe


Rock this Party

Boom! Shake the Room!

Get that room shaking – Boom!


Time to channel your inner Dolly with a bit of line dancing!

Cooldown: Better When I’m Dancing and La Vida Es Carnevale

And, relax! Your workout is done 🙂

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